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It’s Hard to Say Goodbye to Great Employees!

As an employer, it is always difficult to say goodbye to great people. These are the people that not only contribute to the success of your company, but more importantly make the work fulfilling and enjoyable.

I have been very lucky. I have hired some fantastic people – people who have always delivered, been creative, energetic and committed. The fact that I have worked with these people has enriched my life and for that I feel very privileged.

It is interesting that in all the talk about employee engagement many employers fail to recognize that sometimes it is better for your best people, if they leave. Did I say that?

What am I talking about?  The best people should leave if:

  1. They feel there is no longer room for growth and development. While every employer tries to create opportunities to grow and develop their people sometimes there just aren’t enough opportunities to develop and grow your best people further. Sadly, if this is the case, it is better for the individual to seek employment where they can continue to grow and flourish.
  2. The firm is not heading in a direction that inspires the individual. Often firms have to shift direction under pressure. They move from a focus on growth to a focus on cost-cutting. This unfortunately can leave the best people feeling unfulfilled or de-motivated. Certainly, it is not good for either party if the work is not inspiring, fulfilling or motivating.
  3. The work becomes mundane and effortful. Yes, it is true – sometimes a company must take work that is not interesting or shall I same mundane. While, every employer will seek to ensure their best people are receiving work that inspires them – in an economy such as this companies are often forced into positions where their best people end up doing assignments that don’t engage and inspire them.
  4. The person needs a change. Sometimes change is good. In large companies it is often easy to provide individuals with the change and role that they yearn for. But in smaller companies it is more difficult to provide everyone with the change they may desire. If this is the case the individual should seek an environment that enables them to seek the change they desire.

While, I am certainly NOT advocating that a company should set itself up to lose its best people. That would be completely contrary to everything I believe. Having said that, sometimes, like our children, we have to let our employees go and find the fulfillment, passion and change they desire.


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