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Energize, Excite, Engage Employees!

We love David Maister’s videocast on The Profit Formula. Why? It supports our belief that companies succeed, if they have highly engaged and committed employees. According to David:

You don’t make money by occasional excellence. You make money by consistency. It doesn’t matter what the best people do – it matters what everybody on the team does. We can’t agree more – it is essential that a company is relentless in its desire for consistency. He then asks the next question – which we can’t agree with more… Under what circumstances does excellence occur? It occurs, if and only if, you can energize, excite and engage your people. If your people come to work energized about what they do – if they come to work thinking this is “fun” then they go the extra mile. So how do you energize your people? According to David – your Managers, of course. It is the Managers that are responsible for both profit and for people’s lives. They need to give the people they work with meaning and make them energized about what they do. It is the character of the individual Manager that creates excitement. If you put someone in charge that actually believes that what you do has meaning – then they have a higher probability of convincing everybody else.

Managers with the Right Ideology = Energized Employees = Profit Thank you David for your invaluable insights. How many companies are selecting Managers based on their character? Based on their ability to energize and excite employees – probably not as many as there should be!  

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